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What do you think the money mistress wants from you? Your money, of course! Of course, as a true moneyslave, you know how to give a money mistress what she wants. You probably won’t have enough money to buy all her videos, you Loser! Yes, this breathtakingly pretty dominant lady has lots and lots of sex tapes for you. That got your cock going already, didn’t it? And you haven’t even admired the dozens of smoking hot outfits the Money Princess is prepared to let you see.

You will love those financial domination videos! You can watch her humiliate you, cuckold you, blackmail you, ridiculing you (and your terrible harridan of a wife, cheating on you!), telling you what to do and what not to do. You can have everything this sexy money mistress has to offer – but only when you pay for it!


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Fetish Diva Lady Gold

You get off on being humiliated? You like to be the play thing of a beautiful mistress in smoking hot fetish outfits? Then have a look at the German Lady Gold, one of the incredible Yohoo girls. She is domination incarnate. With her dark hair and her perfect figure she gets men to do everything for her.

The first thing you have to do is buying one of her videos. Or several … Yes, you got that right. You have to pay her for the privilege of being humiliated. And humiliate you she will, using you as an ash tray, as a licking slave, whipping your ass, blackmailing you.

Well, if you don’t willingly give this money mistress what she wants, you can’t be a true submissive slave, can you? So – show that you’ve got it in you, and click here to become Lady Gold’s slave!

Lady Gold


Be brave – succumb to Lady Gold’s moneydom