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Lady Velvet

Feel reminded of „Black Velvet“? Well, yes, it’s a good association. Although this sexy German mistress with her hallmark black and red hair rather prefers rubber and leather and PVC to velvet. And she doesn’t treat you with velvet gloves either!

If you visit her, she wants you to behave just as she tells you to. She knows exactly how to dominate a submissive nothing like you. You may worship her feet or her ass, you can get near her as much as you want, and as much as you are able to without touching her. But only if you buy her videos. She’s not only the mistress of your dreams – she’s a money mistress as well, looking for a money slave able to pay a token obolus – and afterwards being allowed watch her and give you thinks to do. Which you may like; or you may not.

Lady Velvet

Here she is waiting for you