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Lady Nivia

Lady Nivia is a true lady. And hopefully you know how to treat a lady! If you don’t, she will show you. But don’t expect to be able to enjoy her harsh domination! This stunning blonde beauty is one of the strictest mistresses you will meet among the Yoo Girls. She demands more than most submissive slaves are able to give.

But maybe you are the exception, the one true slave she is looking for? If so, she will make you dependent on her. You have to watch her, you have to worship her smelly, sweaty shoes and feet, and you can only be happy when you are allowed to be near her. Well, you can come near her as often as you want to. The only thing you have to do is buy her videos – and do exactly as she says. Then you are even allowed to cum for her!

Lady Nivia

Yes, cum for her!