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Fierce Princess

This is indeed a Fierce Princess! You, yes, you there – down on your knees to worship this beautiful and dominant princess! You do love nylons, tight jeans and fragrant feet, don’t you? Well, you may be, just may be, allowed to worship her feet and worship her ass. That’s making you horny, isn’t it?

Yes, give your money mistress what she wants from you, and what she deserves. Give her your lust, and give her your money. You want to know how you can really please this Fierce Princess? Well, listen to what she is telling you in her videos. The more videos you buy, the more pleased she is with you, her little moneyslave! You are amply rewarded, by being allowed to watch her gorgeous body and her shimmering curtain of black hair.

Fierce Princess

Show her how submissive you really are!


Supreme Persian BOSS

God, this Persian beauty sure is bossy! She looks innocent and sweet like coming directly out of the stories from 1001 Nights, but she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Whatever she does, whether she presses her smelly feet against your face, walks on your back, slaps your face with the soles of her extremely agile feet, or simply shows her gorgeous body, especially breathtaking in black, or lets you see her whale tail with a G-string in a tight jeans – she will make you happy.

The least you can do is make her happy, too. And you know how you can make her particularly happy? By downloading her videos and paying for the dreamlike experience of seeing her bossing you around. Or her lover – while you have to watch.

Supreme Persian Boss

Do what she wants – after all, she is the BOSS!


Princess Sexy Jenny

This exotic dark-haired dominatrix is your goddess, demanding from you that you worship her. That you worship every part of her, to be precise: her smoking hot jeans ass, her feet in high heels and naked, her pantyhose … And don’t expect her to pay any attention to you! She loves to ignore you. After all, you are simply a submissive nothing.

The only way you can get her to at least present you with a little satisfied smile is when you download her videos. You won’t mind her financial domination, will you? It’s your job to be humiliated by such a marvelous dominant goddess.  You can admit it, because she knows it anyway, that this is making you all horny! Come on now, you may jerk off. After downloading her videos, of course! And maybe then you are even allowed to admire her tattoos. Yes, be a good little slave!

Princess Sexy Jenny

Worship your goddess!


Lady Nivia

Lady Nivia is a true lady. And hopefully you know how to treat a lady! If you don’t, she will show you. But don’t expect to be able to enjoy her harsh domination! This stunning blonde beauty is one of the strictest mistresses you will meet among the Yoo Girls. She demands more than most submissive slaves are able to give.

But maybe you are the exception, the one true slave she is looking for? If so, she will make you dependent on her. You have to watch her, you have to worship her smelly, sweaty shoes and feet, and you can only be happy when you are allowed to be near her. Well, you can come near her as often as you want to. The only thing you have to do is buy her videos – and do exactly as she says. Then you are even allowed to cum for her!

Lady Nivia

Yes, cum for her!


Dangerous Temptation

This is indeed an extremely dangerous temptation that awaits you here. This dark-haired and stunning dominant beauty is a cat of prey – and her prey, of course, are men! She eats you alive, when you let her. As an alternative you can let her eat your credit card alive … You’ll get a big reward for this, being able to see all her wonderful videos.

This means watching your mistress in marvelous pantyhose and seam stockings, showing off her incredibly long legs and perfect ass. You will be allowed to worship her feet as well. And yes, you will be allowed to jerk off. You are a case of compulsive masturbation anyway. You want to know what this sexy mistress has to say about that? And she can give you some real help when she wants you to cum. Or not cum, rather …

Dangerous Temptation

Watch her!


Greedy Casandra

What do you think the German lady Casandra is greedy for? You? Don’t make her laugh! It’s not you she is eager to own, it’s you money. And if she needs to pay you some attention to get your money she will do it. But don’t expect her to be nice to you! This blond mistress with the sensuous lips will make your days living hell. And you will love it!

She tells you what she wants you to do. You often are allowed to masturbate. But don’t you dare cumming before she tells you to! Sometimes of course you have to stay chaste. Which is quite hard, given that you always have the smoking hot body of this money mistress in front of your very eyes – including her lovely naked feet. You are getting addicted to her, right?


Well, you may give in to your addiction and see more of her!


Miss Lindsey Humiliates

Miss Lindsey Humiliates – that’s the name of this more than strict money mistress, and that is, at the same time, what she does. Humiliating you, if possible to tears, for her is a luxurious pleasure. It’s a dangerous thing to apply to become her slave, but apply you want to, and apply you will!

She loves to make little ponies out of her slaves. And don’t you ever think you could be her stallion! Keep your cock in your trousers. Feel her smelly, sweaty white socks in your face, feel her heels in your loins when she is riding you and you don’t trot quick enough. For this lovely mistress slaves are simply toys for her own pleasure. And the greatest pleasure of all is it for Miss Lindsey, when you become her money slave, paying her for the honor of being humiliated by her.

Miss Lindsey Humiliates

Pay her!


Lady Velvet

Feel reminded of „Black Velvet“? Well, yes, it’s a good association. Although this sexy German mistress with her hallmark black and red hair rather prefers rubber and leather and PVC to velvet. And she doesn’t treat you with velvet gloves either!

If you visit her, she wants you to behave just as she tells you to. She knows exactly how to dominate a submissive nothing like you. You may worship her feet or her ass, you can get near her as much as you want, and as much as you are able to without touching her. But only if you buy her videos. She’s not only the mistress of your dreams – she’s a money mistress as well, looking for a money slave able to pay a token obolus – and afterwards being allowed watch her and give you thinks to do. Which you may like; or you may not.

Lady Velvet

Here she is waiting for you