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Sarah Blake Femdom

The first thing you’ll notice with the fulminant blonde mistress Sarah Blake are her enormous tits which she likes to knead and toss and shake. You may stare at them, but you shouldn’t comment on them – unless you want to feel her harsh and sadistic femdom mentality.

Anyway, besides her tits this lady with her big brown eyes has lots of other things to offer to a truly submissiv slave – her long and slender legs in bizarre pantyhose, and her hot ass, as round and tight as her jugs. You are allowed to watch her and worship her ass – but you are not allowed to cum until she tells you to. Speaking of cum – you love to gobble up your own cum, don’t you? Do what the beautiful busty mistress tells you!

Sarah Blake Femdom

Listen to her orders!


Dangerous Temptation

This is indeed an extremely dangerous temptation that awaits you here. This dark-haired and stunning dominant beauty is a cat of prey – and her prey, of course, are men! She eats you alive, when you let her. As an alternative you can let her eat your credit card alive … You’ll get a big reward for this, being able to see all her wonderful videos.

This means watching your mistress in marvelous pantyhose and seam stockings, showing off her incredibly long legs and perfect ass. You will be allowed to worship her feet as well. And yes, you will be allowed to jerk off. You are a case of compulsive masturbation anyway. You want to know what this sexy mistress has to say about that? And she can give you some real help when she wants you to cum. Or not cum, rather …

Dangerous Temptation

Watch her!


Greedy Casandra

What do you think the German lady Casandra is greedy for? You? Don’t make her laugh! It’s not you she is eager to own, it’s you money. And if she needs to pay you some attention to get your money she will do it. But don’t expect her to be nice to you! This blond mistress with the sensuous lips will make your days living hell. And you will love it!

She tells you what she wants you to do. You often are allowed to masturbate. But don’t you dare cumming before she tells you to! Sometimes of course you have to stay chaste. Which is quite hard, given that you always have the smoking hot body of this money mistress in front of your very eyes – including her lovely naked feet. You are getting addicted to her, right?


Well, you may give in to your addiction and see more of her!


Lady Juely

You know how to stay chaste and fit? If not, Lady Juely is the person to turn to. Not that she is simply a „person“; rather a mistress. A very, very strict mistress. But it’s only to your own good, you know? Let yourself be helped along getting stronger and more healthy. Or do you like „sissyfication“? Well, this dominatrix can make a sissy out of any man.

Just take her by her word. This marvelous dark-eyed and dark-haired beauty with the wonderful curly hair really is as good as her word. Don’t you dare beginning to jerk off before you have bought at least one of her videos, following her orders in this video to the limit!

Or rather – don’t you dare jerking off at all! It’s for your mistress to decide when you may cum!

Lady Juely

Look at this



Classy Miss Doertie

Miss Doertie is no miss – she’s a mistress. The classy black-haired German dominatrix seduces you to … well, to buy her videos!

Her absolute specialty is forced feminisation. Wanna bet that she can make a girl out of you? Wanna try it? She is leading you step by step (and sometimes she’s leading you on …). She’s sensitive – but without mercy. She tells you how to jerk off as well. That will make it a lot more fun to play around with your cock.

Since you as a mere man simply can’t satisfy all her needs sometimes this horny, money-grubbing mistress invites a girlfriend to her bed. They both simply love PVC on their naked skin. And you can watch how the two enjoy each other – as long as you pay for it!

Miss Doertie

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Fetish Diva Lady Gold

You get off on being humiliated? You like to be the play thing of a beautiful mistress in smoking hot fetish outfits? Then have a look at the German Lady Gold, one of the incredible Yohoo girls. She is domination incarnate. With her dark hair and her perfect figure she gets men to do everything for her.

The first thing you have to do is buying one of her videos. Or several … Yes, you got that right. You have to pay her for the privilege of being humiliated. And humiliate you she will, using you as an ash tray, as a licking slave, whipping your ass, blackmailing you.

Well, if you don’t willingly give this money mistress what she wants, you can’t be a true submissive slave, can you? So – show that you’ve got it in you, and click here to become Lady Gold’s slave!

Lady Gold


Be brave – succumb to Lady Gold’s moneydom