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4. September 2012

Supreme Persian BOSS

God, this Persian beauty sure is bossy! She looks innocent and sweet like coming directly out of the stories from 1001 Nights, but she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Whatever she does, whether she presses her smelly feet against your face, walks on your back, slaps your face with the soles of her extremely agile feet, or simply shows her gorgeous body, especially breathtaking in black, or lets you see her whale tail with a G-string in a tight jeans – she will make you happy.

The least you can do is make her happy, too. And you know how you can make her particularly happy? By downloading her videos and paying for the dreamlike experience of seeing her bossing you around. Or her lover – while you have to watch.

Supreme Persian Boss

Do what she wants – after all, she is the BOSS!

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