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26. Juni 2012

Glam Worship

When the beautiful and sadistic blonde mistress Glam Worship tells you to kiss her ass she means this literally. And what a smoking ass she has! Clad in PVC or tight jeans hot pants or deceptively sweet panties, this perfect round ass awaits your lipe. You are allowed to smell her ass as well. And there are lots of other tasks she wants her slave to fulfil.

Are you willing to be her slave? Well, then you have to become her money slave first and buy her financial domination videos. You may even save money – if you buy them all at once. Otherwise you will only have to come back for more anyway, because this dominant beauty will get you all addicted. Especially when she is having fun with her girlfriend in front of your eyes …

Glam Worship

Off you go – get your credit card!

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