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1. Mai 2012

Greedy Casandra

What do you think the German lady Casandra is greedy for? You? Don’t make her laugh! It’s not you she is eager to own, it’s you money. And if she needs to pay you some attention to get your money she will do it. But don’t expect her to be nice to you! This blond mistress with the sensuous lips will make your days living hell. And you will love it!

She tells you what she wants you to do. You often are allowed to masturbate. But don’t you dare cumming before she tells you to! Sometimes of course you have to stay chaste. Which is quite hard, given that you always have the smoking hot body of this money mistress in front of your very eyes – including her lovely naked feet. You are getting addicted to her, right?


Well, you may give in to your addiction and see more of her!

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