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Miss Lindsey Humiliates

Miss Lindsey Humiliates – that’s the name of this more than strict money mistress, and that is, at the same time, what she does. Humiliating you, if possible to tears, for her is a luxurious pleasure. It’s a dangerous thing to apply to become her slave, but apply you want to, and apply you will!

She loves to make little ponies out of her slaves. And don’t you ever think you could be her stallion! Keep your cock in your trousers. Feel her smelly, sweaty white socks in your face, feel her heels in your loins when she is riding you and you don’t trot quick enough. For this lovely mistress slaves are simply toys for her own pleasure. And the greatest pleasure of all is it for Miss Lindsey, when you become her money slave, paying her for the honor of being humiliated by her.

Miss Lindsey Humiliates

Pay her!