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31. März 2012

Lady Juely

You know how to stay chaste and fit? If not, Lady Juely is the person to turn to. Not that she is simply a „person“; rather a mistress. A very, very strict mistress. But it’s only to your own good, you know? Let yourself be helped along getting stronger and more healthy. Or do you like „sissyfication“? Well, this dominatrix can make a sissy out of any man.

Just take her by her word. This marvelous dark-eyed and dark-haired beauty with the wonderful curly hair really is as good as her word. Don’t you dare beginning to jerk off before you have bought at least one of her videos, following her orders in this video to the limit!

Or rather – don’t you dare jerking off at all! It’s for your mistress to decide when you may cum!

Lady Juely

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