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31. März 2012

Classy Miss Doertie

Miss Doertie is no miss – she’s a mistress. The classy black-haired German dominatrix seduces you to … well, to buy her videos!

Her absolute specialty is forced feminisation. Wanna bet that she can make a girl out of you? Wanna try it? She is leading you step by step (and sometimes she’s leading you on …). She’s sensitive – but without mercy. She tells you how to jerk off as well. That will make it a lot more fun to play around with your cock.

Since you as a mere man simply can’t satisfy all her needs sometimes this horny, money-grubbing mistress invites a girlfriend to her bed. They both simply love PVC on their naked skin. And you can watch how the two enjoy each other – as long as you pay for it!

Miss Doertie

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